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Bix Beiderbecke's Modern Piano Suite
Rivermont 590/591 (10-inch 78 rpm - 2 Record set)

Bix Beiderbecke (1903-1931), though famous as a jazz cornetist, was also an exceptional pianist and composer. Friends and colleagues have recalled that Beiderbecke remained partial to the piano throughout his life. He reportedly played the instrument often--both offstage and on. Sadly, precious few recordings survive to document Beiderbecke at the piano. He contributed a brief piano solo on the Wolverines' record of "Big Boy" in 1924 and later served as piano accompanist for two records spotlighting Eddie Lang and Frank Trumbauer. He made only one solo piano record: his own "In a Mist" for the OKeh label in late 1927. His lively, rhythmic, and completely entrancing performance has since become one of the most celebrated jazz piano recordings of the 1920s. Towards the end of his life, Beiderbecke published three additional piano solos: "Candlelights," "Flashes," and "In the Dark," but he never had a chance to record them. Collectively, the four pieces reveal Beiderbecke's keen interest in the harmonies of such Impressionist composers as Ravel and Debussy infused with syncopated jazz rhythms.

Beiderbecke's four piano solos have rarely been recorded as a complete set. Eighty years after their composition, this set marks the first time all four solos have been collected as a 78 rpm record set. Beautifully recorded on a Steinway Model C grand piano on a crisp fall evening in 2009, Bryan Wright's performances remain faithful to the published scores prepared by Bill Challis while conveying the wistful lyricism of Beiderbecke's haunting melodies as few other recordings have. In recent years, Wright has been a featured pianist at the JVC Jazz Festival in New York City and other jazz and ragtime festivals across the United States, including regular appearances at the Scott Joplin International Ragtime Festival.

NOTE: These 10-inch audiophile-grade vinyl records were mastered and pressed in the Netherlands using DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) technology for superb audio fidelity. They are microgroove records intended for use on turntables equipped with light-weight pickups and are not suitable for use with antique wind-up phonographs.

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1.CandlelightsBix Beiderbecke
2.FlashesBix Beiderbecke
3.In the DarkBix Beiderbecke
4. In a MistBix Beiderbecke
Recording engineer: Bryan Wright and Yuko Eguchi Wright / Liner notes: Bryan Wright / Cover design: Joe Busam