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Sweet Jazz Music: The Music of Jelly Roll Morton
Rivermont BSW-2238 (Audio CD)
Rivermont BLV-2238 (Vinyl LP)

The Fat Babies are a seven-piece jazz band who play the classic styles of the 1920s and 1930s. "Few ensembles today play early-period jazz as authentically and exuberantly as the Fat Babies," writes Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune. For this disc, the Fat Babies' pianist, Paul Asaro, takes center stage for a collection of pieces composed by or associated with Jelly Roll Morton. The arrangements and performances are inspired by Morton's classic "Red Hot Peppers" recordings though some, like "Spanish Swat," "Tiger Rag," and "Croc-O-Dile Cradle," went unrecorded by Morton's Red Hot Peppers. These are stunning performances recorded in brilliant modern sound. The CD includes a full-color 16-page booklet. The Fat Babies are Paul Asaro (piano and vocals), Andy Schumm (cornet and alto sax), John Otto (clarinet), Dave Bock (trombone), Jake Sanders (banjo and guitar), Beau Sample (string bass and tuba), Alex Hall (drums). CD includes a 16-page illustrated booklet with liner notes by Paul Asaro. 48 minutes.

NOTE: This recording is available now as standard audio CD (for immediate shipment); a limited-edition audiophile-grade vinyl LP (200 copies, all hand-numbered) is in production and will be released in late Summer 2016. You may pre-order your copy on vinyl using the button below.
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1. Black Bottom Stomp
2. New Orleans Bump
4.Doctor Jazz
5.Croc-O-Dile Cradle
6.Shoe Shiner's Drag
7.Bert Williams
8.Georgia Swing
9.State and Madison
11.Buffalo Blues
12.Spanish Swat
13. Tiger Rag
14.Sweet Jazz Music
Recording engineers: Mark Rubel, James Treichler / Mastering engineer: Alex Hall / Photos: Elizabeth Sisson / Liner notes: Paul Asaro / Cover art: Alex Hall