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Essays in Ragtime: The Music of Brun Campbell
Rivermont BSW-2236

Brun Campbell (1884-1952) was an itinerant pianist of the early ragtime era who spearheaded ragtime revival efforts in the 1940s. Known for his many articles on ragtime, Campbell also composed a number of rags and ragtime songs in the '40s, some of which he recorded himself on privately-issued 78 rpm records (several of his 78s are included as bonus tracks on this CD). Campbell's ragtime music is marked by its jaunty rhythms and strong "folk" flavor. For this CD, released in conjunction with Larry Karp's new revelatory biography of Campbell (Brun Campbell, The Original Ragtime Kid, McFarland, 2016), violinist David Reffkin has arranged many of Campbell's works for his American Ragtime Ensemble. Richard Egan, widely hailed as one of today's foremost "folk ragtime" pianists, contributes eight piano solos. The result is a fascinating and highly entertaining look into the tuneful, quirky, and very charming music of one of ragtime's most colorful characters. The 32-page illustrated booklet includes a biography of Campbell and discussion of the pieces by David Reffkin. Recorded 2014-2015 (Bonus tracks recorded late 1940s). 83 minutes.
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1. Grandpa Stomps
2. Lulu White
3.Brun's Slow Drag
4.You Are Mama's Baby Doll / Mama's Little Baby Doll
5.Barber Shop Rag
6.Campbell Cakewalk
7.Barrel House Rag
8.He's That Hard Hearted Revenue Man
10.Maple Leaf Rag
11.Ginger Snap Rag
12.Frankie and Johnnie Rag
13. Your Sweet Mama's Headin' for Another Town
14.Essay in Ragtime
15.Salome's Slow Drag
16.Slow and Easy
17.Dream in My Arms / Guess Who's in Love
18. Variations on a Theme by Joplin
19. Twelfth Street Rag
20.Chestnut Street in the '90s
21.Blue Rag
22.You Are the One I Want the Rest of My Life
23.Sapphire "Blue" Rhythm
24.Brun Campbell Medley
25.Grandpa Stomps
26.Salome's Slow Drag
27.Lulu White
28.Hal Nichols Introduces "Maple Leaf Rag"
29.Maple Leaf Rag
Producer: David Reffkin / Associate Producer: Larry Karp / Recording engineers: Sean Beresford, Jason McIntire / Mastering: Bryan Wright / Cover artwork: Joe Busam / Musicians: David Reffkin, leader, violin; Jeff Sanford, clarinet; Richard Duke, bass; Brenda Tom, Bob Wall, piano (ensemble); Richard Egan, piano (solos); Brun Campbell, piano (bonus tracks); Gene Reffkin, drums; Carol Ann Parker, Sean Sharp, vocalists