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Stompin' Upstairs
Rivermont BSW-2226

Boogie-woogie pianist extraordinaire Carl Sonny Leyland and ace clarinetist Kim Cusack (of The Salty Dogs) have teamed up with bassist Beau Sample and drummer Alex Hall (of The Fat Babies in Chicago) for an exhilarating album of ragtime, boogie-woogie, blues, and jazz. Old favorites like "Whispering," "Corrina, Corrina," "Cherokee," and "The Blue Room," romp joyously alongside the dark and sultry "Blue Prelude" or "Ramblin' Mind Blues." Leyland, Cusack, Sample, and Hall play the tunes with respect, but also with infectious verve and enthusiasm. 13 selections; one full hour of music.

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1. At a Georgia Camp Meeting
2. Blue Prelude
3. Cherokee
4.Corrina Corrina
5. If I Had You
6.The Blue Room
7.Upstairs Boogie
8.We Three
9.The Love Nest
10. Tangerine
11.Ramblin' Mind Blues
13.Tell It To the Judge
Liner notes: Carl Sonny Leyland / Musicians: Carl Sonny Leyland, piano, vocals; Kim Cusack, clarinet; Beau Sample, bass; Alex Hall, drums / Cover art: Joel Paterson