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Whistling in the Dark
Rivermont BSW-2224

Alex Mendham and His Orchestra play dance music of the 1920s and 1930s with unmatched authenticity and spirit. Based in London, Alex Mendham's Orchestra enjoys a busy working schedule in that city's West End, with engagements at such prestigious venues as the Savoy, the Floridita, and regular broadcasts on BBC Radio. The lush period arrangements played to perfection and recorded with astonishing depth and clarity vividly recall the elegance and excitement of the Art Deco era. The band's youthful enthusiasm ensures that the music remains as vibrant and fresh today as it ever was. Selections range from hot to sweet and include "Bugle Call Rag," "Red Lips, Kiss My Blues Away," "Lullaby of the Leaves," "'Tain't No Sin (To Dance Around in Your Bones)," "Home," "Bend Down, Sister," and more than a dozen more. 66 minutes and 20 selections in all, including a 20-page full-color illustrated booklet with detailed notes.

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1. Choo Choo
2. Let's Fly Away
3. Home
4.Red Lips, Kiss My Blues Away
5. Treat Me Like a Baby
6.'Tain't No Sin (To Dance Around in Your Bones)
7.Bend Down, Sister
8.Lullaby of the Leaves
9.Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On
10. Keep Your Undershirt On
11.South American Joe
12.Our Big Love Scene
13. Going Hollywood
14. Little Girl
15. I'll Never Have to Dream Again
16. I Heard
17. Weep No More, My Baby
18. Love Thy Neighbor
19. Bugle Call Rag
20.Whistling in the Dark
Recording and mastering engineer: Bryan Wright / Liner notes: Ray Frensham, Alex Mendham, and Bryan Wright / Cover art: Ryan McDonnell / Musicians: Alex Mendham, leader, vocals, alto saxophone; Angus Moncrieff, Geoff Bartholomew, trumpet; Chris Lowe, trombone; Nick Charles, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, clarinet; Simon Marsh, tenor saxophone, clarinet; Orpheus Papafilippou, violin; Matt Redman, guitar, banjo; Trevor Wensley, piano; Marc Easener, tuba, string bass; Nicholas D. Ball, percussion; Mark Phillimore, announcer; Theo Ancient, dialogue