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Eccentricity: Ragtime, Stride & Blues
Rivermont BSW-2220

Dalton Ridenhour has been playing ragtime, stride, and blues for most of his life -- and it shows. A native of St. James, Missouri, he has quietly become one of the most celebrated pianists on the ragtime and jazz festival circuit today. Drawing inspiration from across the board (from Scott Joplin to Fats Waller to George Jones to Elvis Presley to Radiohead to Robert Johnson to Nat King Cole), Ridenhour's playing is distinctive not only for its refreshing originality, but also for its breathtaking lyricism and beauty. Whether playing a classic rag by Joseph Lamb or a Tin Pan Alley song or an improvised blues, he sounds right at home, breathing life into his performances with a steady, inviting swing. For his debut solo CD, Ridenhour has chosen an eclectic blend that mixes standards with a few choice obscurities for a program that holds up well to repeated listenings.

This CD includes a 12-page full-color booklet with an introduction by Martin Spitznagel and liner notes by the artist. 59 minutes.
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1. Palm Leaf RagScott Joplin
2.Charleston RagEubie Blake
3.I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a LetterFred Ahlert - Joe Young
4.Maple Leaf RagScott Joplin
5. Crying For the Carolines (Mara Kaye, vocal)Lewis - Warren - Young
6.PK BluesDalton Ridenhour
7. EccentricityJames P. Johnson
8.Harlem StrutJames P. Johnson
9.Topliner RagJoseph Lamb
10.Mr. Freddie Blues (Mara Kaye, vocal)Stewart - Shayne
11.The EntertainerScott Joplin
12.If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)Johnson - Creamer
13.32-20 Blues (Mara Kaye, vocal)Robert Johnson
14.The CraveJelly Roll Morton
15. Roberto ClementeDavid Thomas Roberts
Musicians: Dalton Ridenhour, piano; Mara Kaye, vocals (tracks 5, 10, 13); Dan Reitz, trombone (tracks 5, 13) / Recording and mastering engineer: Michael Perez-Cisneros / Liner notes: Martin Spitznagel and Dalton Ridenhour / Cover art and booklet layout: Abby Orlando